Who we are.


It all started in a local translation office in Bern in 1991. In 2000, the company moved to the Canton of Zurich and in 2007, it was entered as a public limited company (Aktiengesellschaft) in the commercial register. During this time, the customer base grew to around 700 companies that regularly use Vision Translations AG's services. Our customer base includes companies from all of the segments and sectors listed in the Services section. 

We work with around 300 accredited translators to provide a tailored service for these customers with their huge range of different requirements. Most of our translators have been collaborating with us for many years and are familiar with the style of each company.


What we aim for.

Our vision – a perfect translation.

Each text should be translated accurately to suit the topic. Customers' individual styles need to be translated appropriately, local*) language variations have to be considered, deadlines adhered to and price agreements met at all times.

*) Local language variations can be quite different. A text targeted at readers in Great Britain will not sound and feel the same as a translation aimed at a New York audience. Spanish translations also differ for the Spanish and South American market. Switzerland is another example: Swiss French is different from the French spoken in Paris.