General terms and conditions.

The German version of the general terms and conditions of business shall prevail in the case of dispute.

Important information: Please refer to the definitive German (AGB) version of the General Terms and Conditions for all rules and regulations relating to data protection, particularly the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Calculation bases

The price depends on the difficulty and language group of the source text. Please send your price enquiry to A standard line has 52 characters, including spaces. Each started line is priced as a full standard line. Numbers and tables are converted into standard lines. Special texts (advertising texts, presentations, chart contents, etc.) incur a surcharge. Speed translations incur surcharges between 50 and 100 percent.

The prices are based on the electronic receipt of editable documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint). Other formats, particularly PDFs, IDML files, etc., require additional processing. A surcharge, defined on an individual basis, is therefore applied to such documents. Framework agreements / special terms and conditions are concluded by individual agreement. The current terms and conditions of business, as published on the internet, generally apply and take precedence (the German version shall prevail exclusively).

Order processing / legal disclaimer

Offers are valid for 10 days only. Unless otherwise stated, the offer price is a fixed price. Offers and their acceptance are only valid if placed in writing (emails are also explicitly permitted). By accepting the offer, or by transferring the original texts in the event of no explicit request for an offer being made, orders shall be deemed as having been placed and the General Terms and Conditions of Vision Translation AG accepted.

Vision Translations Ltd does not assume any responsibility for the processing of graphics, particularly in the case of PDF documents. Vision Translations Ltd is a translation agency, not a graphic design company. The customer is ultimately responsible for the design of documents. Source files that cannot be written into directly will be translated. The customer is responsible for inserting the translated text in tables and graphics, integrating tables of contents and adapting page numbers. These processes do not form part of the translation. Vision Translations Ltd is also unable to assume liability for the accurate translation of hand-written source texts.

All prices exclude VAT. Invoices are created on the basis of the actual translation. Unless a quote has been specifically requested, an order shall be deemed to have been placed and the general terms and conditions of business accepted upon the respective acceptance of a quote and the submission of the source text.

Manuscripts are treated as confidential. The texts are delivered as text files via e-mail. Vision Translations AG shall not accept any liability for the processing of data on the internet. Any other services (data conversion, etc.) are invoiced separately. Translations are only delivered on data carriers, per mail or fax upon special request, for an additional fee and without any guarantee.

If explicitly requested to do so by the Customer, we also apply the principle of dual control to orders (in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN 15038). Such orders will be proof-read by a second qualified translator who is independent from the original translator. These orders incur a surcharge of 25% of the translation order amount and require a longer delivery deadline. Unless the Customer approves the use of the principle of dual control in writing, orders shall be translated by one qualified translator only.

Agreed delivery deadlines shall always be adhered to. Vision Translations AG shall not assume any liability for delayed deliveries due to late mail deliveries, sickness of translators, data line disruptions, force majeure, etc.

All complaints must be raised no later than eight days after receipt. The real costs of a translation shall be reimbursed if complaints are justified. All further claims, including claims regarding delayed delivery, shall be excluded. Deficiencies of parts of a translations or partial deliveries shall not constitute a reason for a complaint about the entire delivery.

Translations are written to the translators' best knowledge. Vision Translation AG shall not act as a text editor. Texts are always translated and not interpreted. Vision Translation AG shall not be liable in any way for the content of translated texts or the translated text itself. All translations shall always be based on the source text in the manuscript. This shall also apply to operating instructions, patient information leaflets and other important documents. - This limited liability shall also apply, without limitations, to translations certified by us and alternative agreements.

Payment conditions / Payment delay

Unless agreed otherwise, invoices shall be payable 30 days net after receipt of translation. Vision Translation AG reserves the right to refuse further services in the case of payment delays.

In the event of Vision Translations AG having to issue a second payment reminder due to payment default of the Customer, a fee of CHF 20.00 shall be charged to cover expenses incurred due to additional time expended on the order. The debtor shall carry all costs incurred by Vision Translations AG having to engage an external debt collection agency to recover payment after a second payment reminder has met with no response. Vision Translations AG reserves the right to apply the legally approved default interest to late payments.


Bonus programmes

Bonus programmes, such as annual discounts based on the actual settled invoices during the bonus period mutually defined in writing. Only invoices settled within the mutually defined payment period qualify for a bonus. Late payments result in loss of bonus for the respective invoiced amounts.

Prices / conditions

Unless specified otherwise and in writing, all services are subject to the current prices and terms and conditions, which can be requested from

Express orders

100% surcharge for services within 12 working hours

50% surcharge for services within 13 to 20 working hours

Minimum fee for express requests - regardless of text length: CHF 80

(Vision Translations AG generally does not guarantee compliance with deadlines for express orders. The service period starts once the order has been confirmed and is based on regular working hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm).     


Place of jurisdiction, written form

The place of execution and jurisdiction shall be the place of Vision Translations AG's head office. Any declarations relevant by law shall be placed in writing to become effective.


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